Straub is Connecting pipes world-wide

For more than 35 years the STRAUB pipe joint has been internationally regarded as one of the best innovations in pipe joining technology thanks to its ingenious design. Intensive research and development combined with specialist knowledge and a high degree of technical know-how produced a unique pipe joining system. It can be fitted simply and quickly while still offering great security.

Continuous improvement translates into customer's advantage. The STRAUB pipe joint is the result of systematic studies of customer's pipe jointing problems. Economy and reliability, even under the most demanding circumstances, anywhere in the world is the STRAUB philosophy.

A unique technical principle and countless application opportunities, wherever pipes are joined, are the secret of STRAUB pipe joints. Authorities, insurance companies, and technical test and licensing authorities in all highly industrialized countries have tested the safety and reliability of the joints for all important branches of industry and have issued approval certificates for a range of industries.

The installation of a STRAUB pipe joint is fast, simple and reliable. The compact product only has to be pushed over the pipe ends and tightened. Advice, training and documentation are part of our quality service, wherever our product is used. Being awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certificate in 1995 confirms proven STRAUB quality. This fact has once again made us world pioneers in the area of progressive sealing pipe joints.

Besides, STRAUB is the first pipe coupling manufacturer supplying their products with a European "passport". That means: Since November 2002 STRAUB couplings are CE-certified - their conformity with the EU-guidelines of security is proven.

Highly skilled employees and above all our specialization in pipe joints for plain ended pipes have made us market leaders. Traditional Swiss quality and a modern quality assurance system, make each mass-produced STRAUB pipe joint an individual piece, as if it were manufactured by a master craftsman.